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Whakatane Hiab Services are able to lift and carry loads in and out of all sorts of awkward situations.  From relocating farm buildings or positioning building materials, you need to look no further.  Our skilled, trained drivers handle your load with expertise and care.  Delivering on site and on time at an affordable cost.

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Our Mitsubishi Fuso Shogun truck features a specially manufactured deck onto which we have installed a German made Terex Atlas Crane.  The Terex Atlas Crane is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment.  The crane has six hydraulic extensions capable of extending its reach out as far as 16.55 metres (over 50 feet) with a 1.08 tonne lift at that length. 

In close the crane is capable of lifting a massive 4.8 tonne at 4.75 metres.  The Terex Atlas also features a radio remote control system allowing the operator to stand safely clear of the crane while skilfully manoeuvring the load and bringing it to rest.


 This is the economical answer to many lifting and transfer problems.  Available for all commercial and residential needs from Whakatane Hiab Services.

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